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Ethel Smyth Research Centre

The Ethel Smyth Research Centre is based at the Musicological Seminar Detmold/Paderborn (Project directors: Cornelia Bartsch and Rebecca Grotjahn). It plans in the long term on editing in print and digital form the whole composed and written works as well as the diaries, letters and documents of Ethel Smyth, who as composer, author and suffragette as well as corresponding partner of several historically interesting personalities can be count as one of the most interesting personalities in cultural life of her time. We ask all persons and institutions, who own sources by or about Ethel Smyth (autographs, manuscripts, letters, pictures, audiodocuments etc.), to support the Research Centre with informations. At the moment a copy-archive is established, which means that questions to Ethel Smyth are willingly answered. 
The idea to found the Research Centre arose during the Ethel Smyth Festival, which was held at the Musicological Seminar Detmold/Paderborn in November 2008. The Festival clearly demonstrated how rewarding and necessary careful research on Ethel Smyth is, since in many cases the basic philological research has not yet been completed.
At the moment we are applying for funds at the DFG (German Research Foundation) to finance preparatory tasks and the first pilot projects (edition of the first part of letters and music). A thematic and bibliographical catalogue of Ethel Smyths works is already being prepared. The International Ethel Smyth Society, which was founded on July 17th in Detmold, supports the Ethel Smyth Research Centre.



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