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Aufnahme von "The Boatswain's Mate"

Die Organisation „Retrospect Opera“ http://www.retrospectopera.org.uk/, die sich der Verbreitung englischer Opern des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts widmet, plant für Anfang 2015 eine Aufnahme von Ethel Smyths komischer Oper „The Boatswain’s Mate“! Die Aufnahme wird von Odaline de la Martinez geleitet, unter deren Leitung auch Smyths „The Wreckers“ eingespielt wurde.

Leider fehlt den Organisator_innen noch Geld und es gibt einen Aufruf zum Crowdfunding von Valerie Langfield:


Members of the Society will know of Smyth's comic opera The Boatswain's Mate, and some may have been fortunate enough to see the production in Lucerne in Februrary. It shows Smyth at her most genial pondering the question of whether a woman is better off with or without a man as well as crossing the borders between “high” and “low” musical spheres! The music is highly accessible, with nursery rhymes, folktunes, her own 'March of the Women' and a quote from Beethoven's 5th (which made the Lucerne audience burst out laughing). 

It was written in 1914 and first produced in 1916 and proved very popular. It's had some performances since, but never a complete recording. Now one is planned for early 2015, conducted by Odaline de la Martinez - who better! - to be recorded in London under the auspices of Retrospect Opera, a new group devoted to recording 19th- and early 20th-century operas by British composers. The recording will use Smyth's own reduced orchestration - this emphasises the chamber nature of the work and is extremely effective.

But we need your help! Please consider making a donation to enable the recording to take place. See www.retrospectopera.org.uk (sorry - it's only in English) for more details - there are various 'perks' 

depending on the level of donation - or email Valerie Langfield at contact[at]retrospectopera.org.uk.

This is an important recording - come and be part of making it happen!


Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2014

Aufnahme der Oper "The Boatswain's Mate"

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The Boatswain's Mate

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